Secondary Programs: Grades 6-12 (cont.)


Classes are kept small at PHS to allow for a more individualized approach to instruction, particularly in the areas of language arts and math. In a larger, traditional classroom, students who learn quickly are held back while student who need more time are pushed ahead before they are ready. At Pacific Horizons School every effort is made to meet the individual needs of students and this can only be accomplished in a class where the teacher-to-student ratio is kept small. class size is usually limited to 16 students at all levels.
It is the goal of PHS to provide the same high quality program at the secondary level that is provided at the elementary level. This is done through the small class sizes and qualified teachers that are also available in the lower grades.

PHS high school students and graduates receive credits and school transcripts comparable to stateside high schools. Pervious PHS high school graduates have been accepted at major universities in the US. If you are interested in more infomation about the high school and earning a high school diploma, please follow the high school link on the toolbar on your left.

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