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The school can award credit for extracurricular activities in which students are involved. These activities may include dance classes, music lessons, or even some sports. In order to receive credit for an extracurricular activity, the activity must meet certain criteria. A student seeking credit for an extracurricular activity will need to discuss the situation with his or her advisor. Final approval for receiving credit must be granted by the school director.
Since Pacific Horizons High School is a small school, we are limited in our course offerings. Students wanting or needing to take courses not offered by the school during a current school year may take advantage of an independent study course, typically online. School approval is required before doing this. Students doing independent studies will be assigned a teacher to supervise and help them through their independent course.

Pacific Horizons High School will provide a basic core curriculum of six subjects each term. If a student needs a course that is not being offered in the current year, then the school will provide the student with an independent study course at no additional charge. However, if students choose to take additional courses or different courses than the ones offered by the school, they will be required to pay for these extra courses.

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