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http://www.nps.gov/npsa/- National Park of American Samoa. Information about the only US National Park south of the equator.
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Our Island Community
Suggested Links
Map of AS
http://fagatelebay.noaa.gov/ - All about our National Marine Sanctuary, Fagatele Bay.
www.samoa.as - Samoa chat website. This is a place where Samoans and friends around the world can meet and chat. Includes language lessons, movies by Samoans around the world, and much more!
http://www.ipacific.com/samoa/samoa.html -A rather eclectic collection of tidbits on American Samoa - including a book list, a picture gallery, and information on Samoan weddings.
http://www.saolelei.com/ -Music, recipes, plus a good online language course for $100 annually.
http://www.waste.org/~danger/samoa_language.html - Beginning Samoan language lessons, pro bono.
http://samoanews.com/ -Our local newspaper.
http://khjradio.com/ - One of the local radio stations. You can even listen live!
http://www.talanei.com - Online local news and more.