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1300 BC Proto-Polynesians Living on Western end of Upolu (Upolu is currently the most populated island of Samoa, the independent nation, and seats their capital.)
Early Settling Through South East Asia from China
1300 - 900 AD Period of Linguistic, Social and Cultural Development
300 - 900 Period of Stonework
500 Evolution of Social Systems
A social order that is rather militaristic in its emphasis on rank and status evolved. Status remains to be valued highly among Samoans to this date.
1250 -1800 The Tongan Wars and Aftermath
Roughly 200 years of Tongan influence on Upolu, Tuituila and Savai'i is estimated to have occurred during this period. Manu'a, however, was always ruled by the Tuimanu'a, and at no time was ever dominated by any other Pacific Islander. This period is noted for being a time of warfare and political rivalries.
1722 - 1839 The Coming of Explorers
1722-Samoan Islands first sighted by European Explorers.
1799-First European explorer sets foot on Samoa
1839-Navy Lt. Wilkes of the U.S. Exploring Expedition lands on Tutuila.

1800-1850 The Coming of the Missionaries
Missionaries were generally embraced by the local population. Their impact has been profound as the vast majority of Samoans are Christian. Much of current village life centers around the church.
1899 Samoan Islands Divided Between Germany and U.S. (and Tonga given British protection.)
1900 American Samoan Group Under U.S. Naval Administration Control (Considered to be a benevolent dictator by historians and Samoans alike.)
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