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PHS 2016-17 Registration Forms - Preschool through High School
*2017-18 PHS Registration Form 13-14, Page Two
*2017-18 Tuition Agreement
*2017-18 PHS School Supply List
*Director's Letter
*2017-18 Birthday Chart
PHS 2017-18 - Just for High School
*PHS High School Attendance Policy
*High School Laptop Computer Use Agreement
PHS 2017-18 - Just for Preschool
*PHS Preschool Handbook
Fa'afetai Tele Lava to these business who have supported our school in building maintenance projects or who have donated monetarily or in kind to support school fundraisers or extracurricular activities!
TAOA has adopted PHS!
     Thank you, TAOA!
Manua Store
*2017-2018 Tuition & Fees
*School Uniform
TAOA has adopted PHS!
Thank you, TAOA!
*Tuition Refund Policy
*2017-18 PHS Registration Form 15-16, Page One
*2017-18 Student Handbook
Board Bylaws of Pacific Horizons School
2017-18 Calendar
June ESL Class!!
June Preschool Session
June SAT Essay Prep
June SAT Math Prep
June Middle School Math