11/12 English
Writing Sampler
Quarter 1, 2016
The role of the writer in society ~ R.G.
The Writer's Role in Society
Essay Responses to Things Fall Apart
The writer’s role in society ~ J.K.
The role of a writer in society ~ C. T.
The Role of the Writer in Society ~ S.T.
How Writing Has Changed in the Modern Day ~ J.T.
A Writer’s Role in Society ~ C.N.
The Roles of Writers in Today’s Society ~ T. L.
The Writer’s Role in Our Society ~ B.S.
Emphasis on Strength and Manliness ~ S.A.
The Complexity of European and African Culture ~ N.V
Culture ~ W. Y.
Takeover ~ C.F.
Masculinity in Culture ~ R.T.
Igbo vs. Missionaries ~ A.C.
Achebe’s Portrayal of Culture ~ K.N.
Portrayal of Culture ~ J.W.
 Culture ~ T.U.
Portrayal of Culture ~ G.C.
Manliness ~ A.S.
Things Fall Apart ~ M.G.
Coastweeks’ Poetry
The healthy coast ~ Z.X.