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Welcome! You've navigated to Pacific Horizons School, a private Pre-K-12 school located on the tiny island of Tutuila in American Samoa!
PHS Bulletin: September 14
*Pacific Horizons High School Now a JROTC Magnet School


The mission of Pacific Horizons School is to help young people chart their direction and build skills necessary for a successful journey through life.
Develop a love and respect for oneself as unique by:
Portfolio Assessment
Individualized learning when helpful
Providing positive reinforcement

Goals: Self-Esteem, Respect, Love to Learn

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*2017 PHS Commencement
Since PHS is a TreeRing Green Yearbook school, Trees for the Future is planting 131 trees in our school's name for the 131 yearbooks sold this year!
*Pacific Horizons School Reaches Historic Milestone
*More on 2017 PHSCommencement